Our Story

Moving from Alaska to Texas was quite the change! Before starting Sandy Fork Pastures, we were an active-duty U.S. Coast Guard family. Like many military families, we moved multiple times across the U.S., having the opportunity to meet great people along the way. Shortly after arriving in Texas, we decided to embrace the Texas ranch life and purchased a fixer-upper ranch along with iconic Texas Longhorns.

Living the ranch life has been an epic change for this suburban family! We are building our agriculture enterprise around all the goodness that comes from our pastures, where there is plenty of fresh air, sunshine, and space for our cattle and other animals to roam.


As we continue to grow, we thought our pastures full of wildflowers would be perfect for beehives. Our beekeeping venture has grown from a hobby to a small family business. Our kids and extended family all jump in to help whenever they are in town with the hopes of getting some of that delicious honey. (two live in Seattle, one lives in Alaska).

Here at Sandy Fork Pastures, we believe in the importance of cultivating and sharing the goodness of our pastures. We are passionate about helping both our bees and livestock to thrive. We strive to do what is morally and ethically right in all aspects of our business. We want to be a model for others in operating a sustainable, green farm.

We have high quality 5 frame NUC hives available for purchase. Perfect for catching swarms or starting out a bee colony.

What’s going on at the Ranch?
Something is always going on at the ranch. We have honey and longhorns for sale. We also have well built 5 frame NUC hives available for purchase.

The honey is raw and pure, harvested from our own hives in the back pasture. We have acres of wildflowers and native plants which the bees collect nectar and pollen from, making the honey so delicious.
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We started our beekeeping journey 3 years ago with the purchase of our first hive which we named The Original. We now have 2 beeyards full of hives and have a family honey business.   The beekeeping world has fascinated us and we have learned so much along the way. We love sharing our knowledge and provide beekeeping consultation.
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Just follow the dirt road to the end and you will find this beautiful log cabin surrounded by 50+ acres of oak and pine trees.
Enjoy a great weekend getaway or a full-time lease.
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