We started our beekeeping journey that started in 2017 with the purchase of our first hive which we have named The Original. We joined a local beekeepers association and realized a whole new world opened up for us. We haven’t looked back!

We have 2 apiaries with some great hives, including 2 top bar hives which we harvest our beautiful honeycomb from. It’s become something that the whole family does together.

We take the responsibility of being beekeepers seriously. We let the bees do their thing and we are there to support them.

 If we see a hive struggling, we jump in to help. They need us and we need them. Without bees, the world will go hungry.

Contact us if you would like to schedule a 1-on-1 consultation on beekeeping.

We will be offering beekeeping tours.

The Nuc Hive - A Beekeeper's Best Kept Secret

Nucs are an indispensable tool for the beekeeper. There are many ways to use them.
They are great for splitting a hive, for raising a new queen for queen replacement, useful for catching swarms or removing bees from an overcrowded colony to prevent swarming.

We have excellent quality Nuc Hive boxes with Flexzion bee hive entrance discs and 5 frames available for purchase.

These are great for doing splits.

Boxes made to order. $35