Life on a Ranch

Throughout the year, we host events and activities for people to enjoy out on the ranch.

Feeding Texas Longhorns
We offer an opportunity to view longhorns up close and personal. If you want to hand feed sweet cubes and pet them, you can. Our cows love to be hand fed and scratched behind their ears. Although these are our pasture pets, they have long horns and for the safety of our guests, they will always be behind a fence.

Apiary Tours
A great way to see the bees in nature doing their thing. You will get to suit up in beekeeping gear, learn about the tools we use, and have a close up experience learning about how amazing bees are. For those that are a bit timid, no worries, you don’t have to get close! Tour length is 2 hours including honey tasting and a beverage afterwards. Contact us to schedule your bee exploration. Small groups. Adults and children 12+.

Frisbee Golf
18 hole disc course in a beautiful woodsy setting. The course length is 5,400ft with chainstar target type and rubber mats for teeing.

Photography Location
Looking for beautiful Texas countryside as a backdrop for your special photos? Want a selfie with a real Texas Longhorn? We have acres of property perfect for a location shoot with your chosen photographer. Location fee applies.