Our Honey

We specialize in small batches of pure honey, offering 3 delightful products:

Easy Pour 16oz Plastic Bottle: This convenient bottle features a flip-top lid, making it easy to pour and use.

8 oz Container of Honeycomb: For those who appreciate the natural goodness of honeycomb, this option provides a delicious treat.

1/2 Gallon Container of honey: get more value for your money with this larger quantity. It’s the perfect way to stock up!

What sets our honey apart?

Locally Sourced: Our honey and honeycomb come straight from the hives in our back pasture. We maintain acres of wildflowers, providing a rich source of nectar and pollen for our hardworking bees.

Delicious Flavor: The native plants contribute to the honey’s sweet and delightful taste. Imagine the essence of those wildflowers captured in every drop!

Family Tradition: Harvesting the honey is a family event that involves dedication and hard work. We take pride in sharing our honey products with you.

If you’d like to place an order, simply email us at sandyforkpastures@gmail.com

And remember, when you see the “Homegrown By Heroes” label, you’re supporting a product proudly produced by a veteran. 🇺🇸