To enhance the quality of life for our animals, our children, and the environment we are proud to say we engage in several all-natural, eco-friendly sustainable practices.

Water Conservation

– We have a 2,200 gallon water tank that captures 990 gallons of rainwater for every inch of rain we receive. This water is then gravity fed to stock tanks as a water source for our cattle and wildlife.
– Another smaller, 1,350 gallon tank is attached to the carport and is used for irrigation.
– We installed a water meter to monitor water flow and usage. The system monitors and automatically notifies us of unusual activity to allow us to resolve potential water waste. We also established water use goals and are able to track our efforts in water conservation.

Solar Power

We installed a 5.28 KwH system to meet the annual demands of our residential and business operations. When we have low energy usage, we sell our excess electricity back to the electrical grid.

Environmentally Friendly Practices

– Being cautious to not use any herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, or harmful chemicals as we are located over an important water shed.
– We are working with the Natural Resource Conservation Services to restore our pastures to native grasses and forb. Also, working to enhance a diverse pollinator habitat.
– In addition to recycling, we’ve introduced composting to re-use food waste.